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"The Urban Savant" Blog: Unleashing the Power of Street Smarts and Transforming Lives.

Introducing "The Urban Savant" Blog

To be honest, my inspiration comes from God and I am following Him wherever he leads me with this mission. Therefore, I am uncertain what this will grow to be, but there are a few things I would like to share that I am certain of:

  • This will be a movement!

  • This is a community for individuals who share a similar background and have always known they are unique.

  • This is a place where people can gain knowledge about us unique individuals we call Urban Savants.

  • God is driving this ship!

  • I hope that those outside of the Urban Savant Movement can see us for who we truly are, beyond our attire, manner of speech, or unsteady background.

  • I am planning to feature guest blog posts written by individuals whom I hold in high regard.

If you can relate to this or are interested in learning more, this is the right place for you.

One of my favorite artworks is "A Portrait of The Man in a Red Turban" by the talented artist Felix Caballero. Caballero grew up in the tough streets of The Bronx, NY, but he was chosen by God to be blessed with the gift of using a brush and colors to communicate with the world.