Unveiling the Unstoppable Force Black People Don't Know They Have: "The Juice"

Regis Arzu

12/3/20235 min read

man in white and gray striped crew neck t-shirt wearing black cap sitting beside brown
man in white and gray striped crew neck t-shirt wearing black cap sitting beside brown

Let's just jump right into it . .

What is not "The Juice"

"The Juice" I'm talking about here is not to be confused with a film, a beverage, a song, a celebrity, or a performance-enhancing drug.

. . . . Now that we've cleared that up, let's dive into its true essence.

The Roots of the Juice

Hang on, I'm about to drop a history lesson, but trust me, it's a spicy one. Remember slavery? It was during those years that the first traces of the elusive 'Juice' appeared. Europeans saw the undeniable physical prowess in Africans and exploited it. Fast forward to today, and you'll find black athletes dominate the sports arena—74.3% of NBA players and 58.9% of NFL players are African American according to a 2019 TIDES report. Now, how's that for 'Juice'?

A Fountain of The Juice in Culture and Creativity

We're not just athletes; we're cultural pioneers too! Reports say that Hip Hop/R&B was America's most consumed music genre in 2018, making up a whopping 25.1% of the tunes blasted nationwide. Now, in 2023 almost a third, or over 90 million Americans listen to hip-hop which is, 27.7% of Americans. Musical legends like James Brown and Little Richard crafted styles so original they were 'Juice-proof'—so unique that they could never be duplicated.

Let's clear the air once and for all: Elvis wasn't the innovator he's often made out to be. Rather, he was a master of mimicry, borrowing heavily from Black musicians. The man often hailed as the King of Rock and Roll? More like the recipient of the Milli Vanilli Award for Best Impersonation. Like the saying goes, behind every great man there is a greater black woman and behind his fame stands the influential Sister Rosetta Tharpe, a Black woman whose artistry inspired Elvis. What Elvis really did was take a siphon to that reservoir of Black musical "Juice," and his audience, unaware of the source, thought it was revolutionary.

While we're on the subject of musical grievances, let's talk about boy bands. Remember Boys II Men, those icons of R&B? Then came along the Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees, styled to emulate what Boys II Men had already accomplished. The key difference? Their

marketability to a white audience. It's another classic example of "The Juice" being filtered through a white cloth, squeezed into a new container, and resold as a 'fresh' creation.

And now to our regularly scheduled program. . . .

What's in this Secret Sauce, Anyway?

So, are you thirsty yet? Curious about what this 'Juice' is? It's that indescribable 'swag,' that unique aura that makes us, especially within diverse community, an irresistible force of nature. And don't take my word for it. The National Museum of African American History and Culture stated that the contributions of African Americans add nearly $1 trillion to the U.S. economy.

The Juice is that innate, distinct spirit that we, as Black and diverse individuals, are born with—and let's be clear, it's not up for grabs or imitation. It's this quality that fuels our charm, drives our resilience, and even dictates the way we walk and talk. Ever wondered who's behind the freshest slang and the latest dance crazes? That's The Juice at work. While we've previously dubbed it "swag" or "swagger," those terms just scratch the surface. This isn't some fleeting trend; it's a timeless force that's been with us since our ancestral roots in Africa. It's high time this profound essence got its permanent name: The Juice.

Unleashing Your Juice: The DIY Guide

Alright, enough hyping up 'The Juice.' How do you channel this raw energy into something spectacular? First, own it like it's the last slice of grandma's famous sweet potato pie. Then, refine it like a diamond in the rough. Think about the mental well-being and resilience studies published in the Journal of Community Psychology that show that Diverse People are natural-born hustlers who rely on community support and spirituality as coping strategies. So what's stopping you?

Think of this like the Briggs-Myers personality test. The goal isn't to manufacture something new in you, but to reveal what's already there, empowering you to channel it to your advantage. That's precisely my aim with this article. And for those who may not possess "The Juice," it's not something you can acquire or imitate. But here's a pro tip: you can benefit from it. How? Start by diversifying your leadership teams with Black and diverse talent who have this innate edge. Or, invest in an entrepreneur who's brimming with "The Juice". Trust me, they're on the fast track to success—and you'll want to be along for the ride.

Urban Savants: Masters of the Juice

Okay, hold up. Let's talk about the real MVPs—Urban Savants. You all aren't just sipping on 'Juice'; you're swimming in it! A Census report even highlighted that the number of black-owned businesses soared by 34.5% between 2007 and 2012. And according to a report by the Education Trust, African American women are the most educated group in the U.S., with 65.3% enrolling in college right after high school. Talk about a leg up!

Urban Savants are those that don't just possess "The Juice"—they've harnessed it to achieve remarkable feats. Rising from humble beginnings, often from challenging neighborhoods, these individuals have ascended to become CEOs, entrepreneurs, and self-made millionaires; Think Rich Paul and Jimmy Butler. Urban Savants are the hidden gems who consistently overachieve while challenging the system; they're out there grinding everyday, impossible to overlook. They are the embodiment of The Juice, amplified and put to work for incredible success.

The Juice and You: An Epic Love Story

So there you have it, folks. The Juice isn't just something you have; it's something you are. It's your ticket to owning every room you walk into, to setting trends that people can only dream of replicating. So don't be a spectator. This isn't a game—it's your life, and it's time you started playing like an MVP.

Get out there and show the world what it's been missing. Own your Juice; it's been yours all along. And remember, as the great Eric Thomas branded himself 'The Hip Hop Preacher,' it's time for you to find your title, your groove, your Juice.

So cheers to you and your Juice. May you squeeze every last drop of awesomeness out of it.

For those who may not possess The Juice, the path forward is clear: support, hire, leverage, and learn from those who do. In an era increasingly focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion, it's crucial to be intentional in your actions. Recognize that your business or financial portfolio can only grow and flourish when you actively empower Urban Savants and diverse people endowed with The Juice. By doing so, you contribute to a more equitable world where everyone has a chance to succeed.